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7960d177 2020-09-29 Ps 119: restore proper commentary Honza Pokorny
cc4371de 2020-09-29 Ps 119: merge parts together Honza Pokorny
2b15c7cd 2020-09-29 Ps 119: remove wrong commentary Honza Pokorny
83c49371 2020-09-29 Ps 119: correct section 6 formatting Honza Pokorny
3fcb79fb 2020-09-23 Merge pull request #5 from reformed-standards/adi/psalms Honza Pokorny
3cf1ac43 2020-09-22 Capitalize "P" in "Psalms" in WCF 21.5 Andrew Imeson
a90aa64d 2020-08-18 Fix Heidelberg list formatting Honza Pokorny
6d7c73b8 2020-08-17 Fix Heidelberg footnotes in questions Honza Pokorny
b1487d79 2020-08-17 Fix Heidelberg Q47 Honza Pokorny
24a7b22f 2020-06-12 Fix typos in directory for public worship Honza Pokorny
57e2cbd8 2020-06-10 Fix proof texts for WLC 189 Honza Pokorny
85627308 2020-05-10 Remove extraneous colons Conley Owens
e74bc1de 2020-05-10 Fix odd break in WLC 99 Conley Owens
c10983bd 2020-04-14 Merge pull request #3 from MaxwellKendall/yaml-updates Honza Pokorny
3f562ca6 2020-04-14 [yaml-updates/belgic-confession] removing extraneous Maxwell Kendall
b7d501cf 2020-04-11 Fix a few un-normalized prooftexts in WLC Honza Pokorny
5625423e 2020-04-04 Normalize WLC Honza Pokorny
703a5d15 2020-04-04 Normalize WSC PCA Honza Pokorny
0afad0e6 2020-04-04 Normalize WSC Honza Pokorny
6e725775 2020-03-24 Fix typo in Heidelberg 27 Honza Pokorny
dfaf91fe 2020-03-02 Add Dort on the Sabbath Honza Pokorny
81168ded 2020-03-02 Add church order of dort Honza Pokorny
6b9c2d59 2020-02-24 Markdown typo Honza Pokorny
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