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Author: Honza Pokorny <>

Ps 119: restore proper commentary

 data/psalter/psalms.yaml | 51 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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+++ b/data/psalter/psalms.yaml
@@ -12768,6 +12768,57 @@       thy servant seek, and find:
       For thy commands I suffered not
       to slip out of my mind.
+    commentary:
+      john_brown: >
+        "This psalm is a collection of David’s precious thoughts, sorrowful
+        complaints, humble petitions, and holy resolutions, which, it seems he
+        had written down as they occurred, and which, in the end of his life,
+        he digested into the form in which they now stand, consisting of as
+        many parts as there are letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the eight
+        verses of each always beginning with the same letter in the original.
+        The general scope of it is to magnify God’s word, and make it
+        honourable. To intimate that it informs us of whatever we ought to
+        expect from God in the way of gracious donation, and of whatever he may
+        expect from us in the way of grateful returns of duty, it is
+        represented under ten different characters, one or other of which is to
+        be found in every verse, except the 122nd and 132nd:
+        - As God’s Law, because framed and published by him as our Sovereign
+        - His Commandments, because given with authority, and lodged with us as
+          a trust
+        - His Precepts, because peremptorily prescribed, and not left as a
+          thing indifferent
+        - His Statutes, because fixed and determined, and of perpetual
+          obligation
+        - His Word, because it is the declaration of his mind, and Christ, his
+          essential Word, is all and in all therein ­
+        - His Way, because it represents Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the
+          Life, and is the rule of our faith and obedience
+        - His Testimonies, because therein God, upon his word, his oath, and
+          writ, declares to men the truths necessary to be known, in order to
+          his honour and their salvation, as ratified in the death of his Son
+        - His Judgments, because it is framed in infinite wisdom, and by it we
+          must both judge and be judged (but in verses 75, 84, 121,
+          judgmentdenotes righteous conduct) ­ His Righteousness, because it is
+          holy, just, and good, and is the perfect standard of righteousness
+        - And his Truth, or Faithfulness, because its leading truths are
+          eternal, and the faithfulness of God is pledged in every point
+          thereof.
+        While I sing, let me all along enter into the spirit of the psalm. Let
+        my delight be in God’s testimonies; my desires after God’s presence;
+        and my endeavours to have God honoured. Let God’s word be my rule, my
+        food, my armour, my wealth, my comfort; and God himself, as therein
+        revealed and bestowed, be my everlasting and infinite all."
   - number: 120
       - Dundee