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Author: Honza Pokorny <>

Fix typos in directory for public worship

 data/westminster/directory-for-publick-worship.yaml | 5 ++---

diff --git a/data/westminster/directory-for-publick-worship.yaml b/data/westminster/directory-for-publick-worship.yaml
index 70457c95ad0db3b9bbe8dfcc797741a9c3c43b5b..c22610d310e632c9dd30b1ef32787a1dceaf4eec 100644
--- a/data/westminster/directory-for-publick-worship.yaml
+++ b/data/westminster/directory-for-publick-worship.yaml
@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@      religious intentions of the Compilers of it,) hath proved an offence, not
      only to many of the godly at home, but also to the reformed Churches
      abroad. For, not to speak of urging the reading of all the prayers, which
      very greatly increased the burden of it, the many unprofitable and
      burdensome ceremonies contained in it have occasioned much mischief, as
      well by disquieting the consciences of many godly ministers and people,
      who could not yield unto them, as by depriving them of the ordinances of
@@ -145,7 +144,7 @@   - name: Of Publick Reading of the Holy Scriptures.
     text: |
       Reading of the word in the congregation, being part of the publick
-      worship of God, (wherein .i.we; acknowledge our dependence upon him, and
+      worship of God, (wherein we acknowledge our dependence upon him, and
       subjection to him,) and one mean sanctified by him for the edifying of
       his people, is to be performed by the pastors and teachers.
@@ -205,7 +204,7 @@       of the whole nation, unto which we are many ways accessory: which sins of
       ours receive many fearful aggravations, we having broken all the
       commandments of the holy, just, and good law of God, doing that which is
       forbidden, and leaving undone what is enjoined; and that not only out of
-      ignorance and infirmity, but also more pre sumptuously, against the light
+      ignorance and infirmity, but also more presumptuously, against the light
       of our minds, checks of our consciences, and motions of his own Holy
       Spirit to the contrary, so that we have no cloak for our sins; yea, not
       only despising the riches of God's goodness, forbearance, and