ref: v0.3.0
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
6f054af7 2021-03-15 Replace statik with the new embed feature Honza Pokorny
2cf7173f 2021-06-09 patch view: introduce a view for commits ending in .patch Pedro Lucas Porcellis
8c9552be 2021-06-19 commit: display a "browse" link Pedro Lucas Porcellis
b7644318 2021-06-07 style: fallback to user default monospace font Pedro Lucas Porcellis
5bf10e5f 2021-03-15 templates: render ref name, not repo name Honza Pokorny
09ecccbb 2021-03-13 Add documentation Pedro Lucas Porcellis
a9f07c70 2021-02-25 Add support for selecting source code line Pedro Lucas Porcellis
0f33f02c 2021-02-24 template: add contrast to readme code blocks Honza Pokorny
80fb616b 2021-02-24 templates: fix closing tag in tree template Doug Hellmann
3b2b0751 2021-02-24 templates: remove redundant repo name in commit template Doug Hellmann
6cbe3886 2021-02-24 templates: always call repository name RepoName Doug Hellmann
ff8c050b 2021-02-24 templates: use consistent base template context Doug Hellmann
2708ab03 2021-02-24 templates: pass context to the header template Doug Hellmann
c01a9950 2021-02-24 makefile: add dependency for binary on include files Doug Hellmann
80b32ff9 2021-02-24 Add syntax highlighting for code blocks in READMEs Honza Pokorny
3f05052c 2021-02-24 tree view: format preamble consistently with blob view Doug Hellmann
a4eea12d 2021-02-24 blob view: remove extra prefix in path value Doug Hellmann
fb754a4a 2021-02-24 add support for primary branch called 'main' Doug Hellmann
5cbf0993 2021-02-24 include static prefix in default config Doug Hellmann
c5016ad6 2021-02-24 readme: mention golang version Doug Hellmann
8fc1697b 2021-02-23 Add install/uninstall rules to Makefile Pedro Lucas Porcellis
75dc9002 2021-02-22 Update email Honza Pokorny
63f747b9 2021-02-22 Use Join() to handle missing dir separator Pedro Lucas Porcellis
8fbf4363 2021-02-22 Update README to match generated config Pedro Lucas Porcellis
b92f5ecc 2021-02-05 Update domain Honza Pokorny
41475e25 2021-01-25 Remove git clone urls from TODO list Honza Pokorny
50861dab 2021-01-25 Implement git cloning Honza Pokorny
f4b3cd8f 2021-01-25 Add host config Honza Pokorny
5b2fa48e 2020-11-28 Add planned TODO items Honza Pokorny
007d701f 2020-11-28 Add link to git-send-email Honza Pokorny
a0b0288b 2020-11-28 Permit dots in labels Honza Pokorny
224d6814 2020-11-28 Use GOMODCACHE, not GOPATH when building statik Honza Pokorny
06feb07c 2020-11-28 Use Makefile in Dockerfile Honza Pokorny
3d17839e 2020-11-28 Fix include path in Dockerfile Honza Pokorny
3445973c 2020-11-27 Add clean target Honza Pokorny
636a57e0 2020-11-27 Remove autogenerated statik module Honza Pokorny
d2e5bba4 2020-11-27 Add links to parents in tree Honza Pokorny
c64463e6 2020-11-27 Add a header to the commit page Honza Pokorny
99838f41 2020-11-27 Add missing HTTP 500 matsuyoshi
e4b24bd9 2020-11-26 Add a statik target to makefile Honza Pokorny
1fd46d86 2020-11-26 Register template funcs in all scenarios Honza Pokorny
5f548453 2020-11-25 Add contribution guidelines Honza Pokorny
5997e10e 2020-11-20 Handle initial commit properly Honza Pokorny
f82c45db 2020-09-10 Hello world! Honza Pokorny