ref: v0.1.0
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
224d6814 2020-11-28 Use GOMODCACHE, not GOPATH when building statik Honza Pokorny
06feb07c 2020-11-28 Use Makefile in Dockerfile Honza Pokorny
3d17839e 2020-11-28 Fix include path in Dockerfile Honza Pokorny
3445973c 2020-11-27 Add clean target Honza Pokorny
636a57e0 2020-11-27 Remove autogenerated statik module Honza Pokorny
d2e5bba4 2020-11-27 Add links to parents in tree Honza Pokorny
c64463e6 2020-11-27 Add a header to the commit page Honza Pokorny
99838f41 2020-11-27 Add missing HTTP 500 matsuyoshi
e4b24bd9 2020-11-26 Add a statik target to makefile Honza Pokorny
1fd46d86 2020-11-26 Register template funcs in all scenarios Honza Pokorny
5f548453 2020-11-25 Add contribution guidelines Honza Pokorny
5997e10e 2020-11-20 Handle initial commit properly Honza Pokorny
f82c45db 2020-09-10 Hello world! Honza Pokorny