commit 1c8ac1519b1fe55e24248aac2bea5b81dab505f1

Author: Honza Pokorny <>

[spacemacs] add missing config option

 spacemacs | 8 ++++++++

diff --git a/spacemacs b/spacemacs
index af29101c09b689736b8cafb271648b63b6bc42e6..2699f203ab1dc4582f93eaf4542a0d76388e340d 100644
--- a/spacemacs
+++ b/spacemacs
@@ -151,6 +151,14 @@    ;; Press  T n to cycle to the next theme in the list (works great
    ;; with 2 themes variants, one dark and one light)
    dotspacemacs-themes '(solarized-dark
+   ;; Set the theme for the Spaceline. Supported themes are `spacemacs',
+   ;; `all-the-icons', `custom', `doom', `vim-powerline' and `vanilla'. The
+   ;; first three are spaceline themes. `doom' is the doom-emacs mode-line.
+   ;; `vanilla' is default Emacs mode-line. `custom' is a user defined themes,
+   ;; refer to the for more info on how to create your own
+   ;; spaceline theme. Value can be a symbol or list with additional properties.
+   ;; (default '(spacemacs :separator wave :separator-scale 1.5))
+   dotspacemacs-mode-line-theme '(spacemacs :separator wave :separator-scale 1.5)
    ;; If non nil the cursor color matches the state color.
    dotspacemacs-colorize-cursor-according-to-state t
    ;; Default font. `powerline-scale' allows to quickly tweak the mode-line